eSS offers a number of Information Security (IS) consulting services focused on secrecy, integrity, availability and confidentiality of sensitive data in PIN debit transactions. Our clients include large and small financial institutions, Merchants, Key Loading Facilities, POS/ATM vendors, Processors and so on.


  • Perform diagnostic reviews of financial services operations focused on PIN based debit/ATM transactions in preparation for PCI PIN and/or TR-39 PIN Security and PCI PIN Compliance audits.

  • Provide remediation plans and corrective actions following PCI PIN and/or TR-39 PIN Security and/or PCI PIN Compliance audits.   

  • Develop written “Key Management & PIN Security Policies and Procedures” per the requiremnts in the PCI PIN (v2) and/or TR29 audit guidelines. We can also train the teams in following proper procedures and implement required controls.

  • Develop general enterprise policies and procedures; i.e. “Security Policies and Practices” based on ISO 27001 standard.

  • Assist with developing security controls within financial transaction processing environments that would offer data confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation in all the processes and exchanges involved.

  • Provide assistance in implementing various cryptographic algorithms such as Des/3Des, Public key algorithms such as RSA or Elliptic curve Cryptography (ECC), or a combination of, as needed for different applications.

  • Evaluate proper implementations of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based operations, e.g. Digital Certificate Authority operations and ecommerce services. Provide gap analysis and guidance on issues and improvements.


  • New York City Transit (NYCT)

  • ATM Direct Inc.

  • Ingram Micro

  • Bank of Guam

  • SchoolsFirst Credit Union

  • Hypercom Corp

  • Dresser-Wayne Corp

  • Wilmington Trust Bank

  • Wachovia Bank

  • Liberty Bank

  • Markle Bank

  • MidWisconsin Bank

  • New Resource Bank

  • TNS Smart Network

  • BBCN

  • And Many More!